Bridgend Mashup

A bit of leisure shooting today at Bridgend Mashup. Captured loads of great images, it’s an amazing event with tons to see and do.

I love this image, perfectly timed to capture the fire at it’s biggest. A very impressive fire display by Truan Jay Mathias of Organized Kaos

Can’t wait to go again next year.


I was contacted by Adam Gray at Intertissue who needed commercial lifestyle and product shots for advertising purposes.

I sourced a location for the shoot which was based around kitchen tissue. Next it was time to purchase the props, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, fruit, orange juice, breakfast cereal, and the list went on.

I contacted a local model agency who put me in touch with Rachael who was my model for the day, we shot a few different set ups, mopping up spills and showing the product in use.

Set top box

I was approached by Jenson at JN designs to photograph a new set top box they had manufactured. This was a very tricky assignment for a few reasons.

1. The brief was for a black perspex product to be photographed on a black background
2. The contours of the product needed to be shown
3. The mockup had nothing inside it but it needed to look like a working product.

I used a white reflector above to create a white pattern on top of the box to give it a bit of separation from the background, also to show the curves of the unit.

Later when editing the image, the blue text was added to the front with an outer glow to give the impression of being lit by LED’s.