Product photography incorporating virtual sets

Recently we were asked by a client to photograph a product to be later photoshopped into a living room environment.

This a caused a few challenges for us, firstly we had to match the exact angle the room was shot at.
If the angle of the product didn’t match the room then the overall image would not look realistic.

The second problem was matching the lighting, as with the angle, if the lighting did not match it wouldn’t look right.
This got us to thinking about using virtual room sets where the angle and lighting can be altered to match the product.

After a lot of research into software, and a lot of investment in time and money, we are now able to offer virtual rooms for product photography.
The above image shows:
Top left, the empty virtual room adjusted ready for the product.
Top right, a sofa that was photographed by ourselves.
Bottom, a composite of the two images combined in Photoshop.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about this service.

Repeat business from Rainbowbox South Wales for product photography

Back in January, we were contacted by a local company, in South Wales, that makes handmade wooden storage boxes.
They have now decided to extend their range by making shelves in the same style.

We edited all the shots to ensure there was a pure white background to match the website.
We also supplied them with a PNG image that could be easily placed on top of an existing image.

We have been working on the use of virtual room sets to display clients products in, the PNG file is ideal for adding to the room sets with a bit of added shadow.
The picture above is an example of the shelf being used in one such room sets.

If you would like to find out more about their products, details are on their website at

Bang On Brewery in Bridgend product shots

I discovered a local guy that sells real ales and decided to make a purchase. Wales Ales can be found on Facebook and the have a great selection of Welsh craft ales.

One, in particular, caught my eye as it is brewed in my hometown of Bridgend, between Swansea and Cardiff. It is made in a microbrewery by Bang On Brewery on Bridgend industrial estate.
they also have a bar in the Bang On Brewery which opened December 2016 and has up to 4 or 5 beers available. The bar itself came from the vestry in Llanharry Chapel dating back to 1850 and the seating comes from different Welsh chapels. You can look into the brewery from the window of the entrance hall and visiting the Brewery may be possible if staff are not too busy.

I decided to take a couple of bottles into the studio and have a play about with them.
I worked with a two light setup, the first to ensure that the label and lid were clearly visible and the second to make the beer “glow” and to add texture to the wall.

Audio Visual Equipment Photography SSE SWALEC Cardiff

I recently photographed and event in the SSE SWALES stadium in Cardiff.

Being a bit of a technology geek I could not help but have a peek at the equipment that Duke AV

With some lovely reflective light backlighting the equipment they were using, I couldn’t help myself, I had to take a photo.

I’ve added an image of the stage setup so you can see what they do.

chamsys magicq

SSE SWALEC stadium

Domino’s Pizza new shops and re-fit. Bridgend, Maesteg, Briton Ferry & Neath

I have been commissioned by PDQ Shopfitting to document the new build and refurbishment of a number of Domino’s Pizza sites.


Starting in most cases with an empty shell I am photographing the progress of the building and installation in Bridgend, Maesteg, Briton Ferry & Neath. 

I’ve been challenging myself not only to record the progress but to capture details in a creative and interesting way.

Looking at the available light, texture and colours to create images that reflect the changes the buildings are undergoing.

Novatel hotel Cardiff. Bar interior photography

Novotel Cardiff

Our latest assignment was to photograph the bar and function room in the Novatel hotel in Cardiff.

Both the rooms were a pleasure to photograph with an interesting mix of soft and hard furnishings along with fascinating accessories ornaments and light features.

There was a stark contrast between the rooms, the bar having an abundance of natural light flooding in and the function room adorned with loads of funky tungsten bulbs.

the goods shed sign

hotel seating area

bar top display

Rainbowbox product photography

rainbow toy box

I was recently contacted by a local company that makes handmade wooden storage boxes.
My client was looking for a variety of images including the box empty and as it would look when it was in use.

The shots were edited to ensure there was a pure white background to match the website.
In addition to this, I supplied them with a PNG image that could be easily placed on top of an existing image (see images at the bottom)

If you would like to find out more about their product, you can find detail at