Commercial product photography self driving car

We were approached by a company called Omga with a very interesting project. Photographing self-driving vehicles.

They have created the world’s first fully online learning self-driving mini-car!
Using a stock RC car model, we equipped it with a Raspberry Pi 3 along with an Arduino to control the servos/speed controller. They used the latest iteration of other online learning software, EOgmaNeo, to provide the brains of the car.

A fascinating concept indeed.

Here is a video of the car in action!

There was a real challenge in lighting the biggest car, with its translucent body shell on a white background and still retain detail. 

It was a great product to work with creating consistent interesting shots for our client.

remote controlled buggy

circuit board

Laura Ashley Kitchens

laura ashley kitchen

Yesterday I was working for a local business based on Brackla Industrial Estate in Bridgend.

Hiddlestone & Son Ltd. have recently had a range of Laura Ashley kitchens installed in their showrooms and wanted images to update their website.

The product itself was a pleasure to photograph, craftsmanship is lovely. All the staff there were really friendly and welcoming too.

Trade Centre Wales

Office image in Cardiff asked me to photograph the new Trade Centre Wales car showroom in Aberdare, and recently upgraded Neath branch.
My brief was to capture features of the design of the showroom and offices. There were so many amazing touches from the marine fish tank in the waiting area, to the sleek looking offices, to the polished aluminium pillars in the entrance.

There were so many great looking features in the place it was a pleasure to photograph. I even got to photograph some lovely cars alongside the work that has been done to the workshops.
I have to say I was very impressed with the place and the work carried out by Office Image.

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Bryngarw House Staged Wedding

It’s lovely to see one of my images in use on the website for Bryngarw House in Brynmenyn near Bridgend.

This was taken as part of a staged wedding shoot to supply images for Bryngarw House and also a local wedding dress boutique.

Got to give my mobile lighting kit a real good workout.

The venue really does compliment wedding photography, such a great location.

Here is a picture of the full image.

Wedding at Bryngarw House

Why Employ a Professional Product Photographer?

Why would you want to spend money on professional product photography? ??

Every day I see product images on the internet that have been photographed by the company or individual to “save money”. Photographs that have been taken with budget cameras or even mobile phones. Photographs that are badly lit with no though about the background or product placement.

Don’t get me wrong this is the exception and most product images are spot on. Yes you do “save money” initially but in the long run how much does it really cost?

By this I mean how much income are you loosing because your product does not look as good and a competitors? Your product may even be superior, but people in today’s society buy with their eyes, so if it doesn’t look good you are likely to loose sales.

The image on this post is taking things to extremes (surely nobody would advertise Champagne with an image like that?), but I think it illustrates the point perfectly.

The image on the left was a quick snapshot I took with a compact camera with not thought to lighting, background or product placement.

The image on the right is a great example of how the same product can look so different when you use some thought and a lot of know-how.

So, why does it look so different? Some things are obvious,  for example the one on the right has a better background, foreground and it is straight.

Something that might be so obvious straight away is the fact the bottles look slightly different shapes. This is down to the choice of lens and focal length. The image on the left was shot with a lens that is far too wide for the job which has distorted the shape of the bottle.

Lighting plays a major part of the difference. My studio lights were placed in such a way as to excentuate the curve of the bottle.

The actual colour of the label and foil. When I am shooting most commercial work I will yous a grey card which allows me to accurately reproduce the colours.

Lastly a bit of photoshop magic, the image on the right is two shots blended together. When I shot this image I wasn’t 100% happy with the way the label looked, so I took a second shot with different lighting and merged the shots together in photoshop.


Yes product photography can be vastly more expensive than buying a camera and doing it yourself, but ultimately you are likely to make back any money you spend on a professional photo with increased sales.

Photography Interiors at Tredz Bike Shop

Photographing the most amazing bike shop I have ever seen. In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s more like an art gallery that sells bikes, great location for photography. If you have never been there check out Tredz in Swansea.

Corporate headshots at JW Morris Bridgend

A trip to Bridgend Industrial Estate today take me to the offices of JW Morris Engineering.

JW Morris are in the process of having a brand new website built and needed corporate headshots for the site.
I took my portable studio set up including strobes and backdrop to set up in the conference room.

The shoot went really smoothly, everyone was more than happy to pose to have their portraits taken.

Website images for Optimal Lives

This is the first shoot I think I have felt fitter after doing. Had a shoot with Mark Televantos, personal trainer, for his new website
Thoroughly nice guy who is can tell is very passionate about what he does, loads pics on the website.

Architecture & Interiors at Heathfields Residential Home

Received a lovely assignment from Heathfields Residential Home in Bridgend. they were planing to produce their first website and needed images to populate it.

The brief required a vast range of images including exterior shots of the building, interior of various rooms, photographs of food served at the home, detail shots and corporate portraits.

The home was lovely and very well kept which made the images very pleasing and worked very well on their finished website which can be found HERE

Corporate shoot at Capital Radio in Cardiff

Recently I was asked back again to Capital Radio in Cardiff to photography the Street Stars.

The Street Stars are their promo team and as you would expect this was a high energy shoot with lots of fun laughter and messing about.

The Street stars were ace, bouncing ideas back and fore, they were up for anything.

They were an absolute pleasure to shoot and I am really looking forward to the next one.