Trade Centre Wales

Office image in Cardiff asked me to photograph the new Trade Centre Wales car showroom in Aberdare, and recently upgraded Neath branch.
My brief was to capture features of the design of the showroom and offices. There were so many amazing touches from the marine fish tank in the waiting area, to the sleek looking offices, to the polished aluminium pillars in the entrance.

There were so many great looking features in the place it was a pleasure to photograph. I even got to photograph some lovely cars alongside the work that has been done to the workshops.
I have to say I was very impressed with the place and the work carried out by Office Image.

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Back at Cardiff City Stadium

Being a photographer can be very hard work at times, yesterday saw me at an 8 hour shoot with barely a break all day. But at the same time it can be so much fun.

I was at Cardiff City Stadium photographing Wales & West conference. The most interesting conference I have shot to date. The theme was world travel with loads of people arriving in fancy dress and the venue staged to look like an airport.

The winners of the best group fancy dress went to this pilot and cabin crew, had to as for a sneaky photo together for my blog.

If you were wondering I don’t normally dress like that on assignments, I was asked if I’d like to come in fancy dress too so I came as a tourist, complete with two cameras.

Corporate shoot at Capital Radio in Cardiff

Recently I was asked back again to Capital Radio in Cardiff to photography the Street Stars.

The Street Stars are their promo team and as you would expect this was a high energy shoot with lots of fun laughter and messing about.

The Street stars were ace, bouncing ideas back and fore, they were up for anything.

They were an absolute pleasure to shoot and I am really looking forward to the next one.

Photographing the breakfast crew at Capital Radio

Yes I’m back at Capital Radio in Cardiff again, this is starting to feel like a second home.

Today I have been photographing Matt, Polly and Geraint dressed up in the Welsh rugby kit.

They were great “sports” I even got them to scrum down for some shots. Here is one with their game faces on CLICK

Editorial Photography

What is editorial photograph?

Now that’s a good question.
Editorial photography are the pictures in a magazine that are not advertisements. The images that are with the articles, sometimes the cover of the magazine. Images that are used to illustrate the written word.

So what is the difference between editorial and commercial photography?
Commercial photography is essentially advertising photography. things like brochures, company publications, things like that.

With editorial you can get much more creative freedom. Editorial work is a great portfolio filler which can also lead to commercial work.

This is the finished product for an editorial shoot I did for Quartix vehicle tracking company, photographed in Brynwenyn near Bridgend in South Wales.