Harveys furniture photography goes live.

We have covered furniture photography on a number of occasions, but this was something a little bit different.
Our brief for Harveys was to capture the manufacturing process of a sofa emphasising that the product is handmade.

The location for the shoot was in a factory, so to ensure that backgrounds were kept as unobtrusive as possible I took along our battery powered studio lighting.
This allowed me to drop the light level of the background while retaining all the detail of the sofa and the person working on it.

The assignment covered various different workstations in different areas of the factory, each giving new challenges and requirements.
We covered everything from attaching the buttons to the material, stuffing cushions, pinning upholstery, fitting feet to the finished article.

Below is a screenshot of a selection of the images taken, they can be found Lisa Dawson’s website.

screenshot of sofa product photography

Commercial product photography self driving car

We were approached by a company called Omga with a very interesting project. Photographing self-driving vehicles.

They have created the world’s first fully online learning self-driving mini-car!
Using a stock RC car model, we equipped it with a Raspberry Pi 3 along with an Arduino to control the servos/speed controller. They used the latest iteration of other online learning software, EOgmaNeo, to provide the brains of the car.

A fascinating concept indeed.

Here is a video of the car in action!

There was a real challenge in lighting the biggest car, with its translucent body shell on a white background and still retain detail. 

It was a great product to work with creating consistent interesting shots for our client.

remote controlled buggy

circuit board

Product photography for Sleeps Easy

A little while ago we were given an assignment for photographing some products for Sleeps Easy.

Sleeps Easy primarily supply products to be used by people with autism.
The products that we photographed at our Bridgend studio were weighted blankets and privacy bed tents.

Thier website has just gone live if you would like to check them out get along to http://sleepseasy.co.uk/

Product photography incorporating virtual sets

Recently we were asked by a client to photograph a product to be later photoshopped into a living room environment.

This a caused a few challenges for us, firstly we had to match the exact angle the room was shot at.
If the angle of the product didn’t match the room then the overall image would not look realistic.

The second problem was matching the lighting, as with the angle, if the lighting did not match it wouldn’t look right.
This got us to thinking about using virtual room sets where the angle and lighting can be altered to match the product.

After a lot of research into software, and a lot of investment in time and money, we are now able to offer virtual rooms for product photography.
The above image shows:
Top left, the empty virtual room adjusted ready for the product.
Top right, a sofa that was photographed by ourselves.
Bottom, a composite of the two images combined in Photoshop.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about this service.

Audio Visual Equipment Photography SSE SWALEC Cardiff

I recently photographed and event in the SSE SWALES stadium in Cardiff.

Being a bit of a technology geek I could not help but have a peek at the equipment that Duke AV

With some lovely reflective light backlighting the equipment they were using, I couldn’t help myself, I had to take a photo.

I’ve added an image of the stage setup so you can see what they do.

chamsys magicq

SSE SWALEC stadium

Rainbowbox product photography

rainbow toy box

I was recently contacted by a local company that makes handmade wooden storage boxes.
My client was looking for a variety of images including the box empty and as it would look when it was in use.

The shots were edited to ensure there was a pure white background to match the website.
In addition to this, I supplied them with a PNG image that could be easily placed on top of an existing image (see images at the bottom)

If you would like to find out more about their product, you can find detail at Rainbowbox.uk

Location shoot for lab equipment

lab equipment

I have been photographing physiological cell culture workstations (not that I know what they are for).

I was contacted by The Individual Agency to do a location product shoot for Baker Ruskinn in Bridgend.

The job was to shoot large items on location to be transferred to a pure white background. I set up our portable lighting kit on location to illuminate the products.

Each finished image was a combination of two shots to ensure the LCD display and the interior could be seen properly.

High quality leather

leather keyfobs

I’ve been working with a local company Dragon Leather Products that manufactures and distributes custom-made top quality leather. The manufacturing and design workshops are operated by Mark Roche, a Master Craftsman and Saddler who has 15 years within the leather industry. I was lucky enough to have a look around the workshop to see the items being produced and hand finished before being given the job of photographing them.


Creating clean images of a variety of leather products including keyfobs, folders, bags and guitar straps. All items were grey carded to ensure accurate colour reproduction.


laptop case

Shooting for Portfolio & Pleasure

walking boot

Sometimes I get an idea pop into my head for a shot. I’ll be honest, most of the time that’s where they will stay.
I don’t have a great deal of time to indulge myself as far as photography is concerned, normally too busy shooting for clients or relaxing.

As it was a stunning day today in Wales, I thought I better take advantage of the fact and headed the beach at Ogmore with my kit and my son.
The idea I had was a walking boot splashing in a rock pool as if worn by an invisible person. I thought this would sit great in my portfolio.

I have to admit the shoot went very well, my son did an excellent job of splashing my wife’s Hoggs of Fife walking boot into the pool and holding the laces.
I lit the shot with natural light, of which there as plenty and filled in with a silver reflector.

For those settings fans out there ISO100 F3.5 1/1250sec