Android app

Hi, bit of a strange blog post from me but after weeks of frustration I have a solution.

Bit of background info. Due to having quite a few different email addresses when the new IMAGE IQ website was launched I went about inputting the server details to my various devices, phone, tablet, laptop etc.
Things didn’t go smoothly, so much so I lost patients and started using webmail to access my emails, not ideal but it works.

So now to the point of my blog post. Not all email clients are made equal!

I was using the ones that came with my phone (HTC M8) and tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A). To say they the least they were inadequate, I just couldn’t get it to work, even after a discussion with my hosting company. So what did I do, I did a bit of a Google search to see if there was a different email client that might be easier to configure.

The first one I came across was BLUE MAIL, I expected to have to try a few different one before I found on that,
a) Worked
b) Was easy to use
c) Displayed info in a sensible way

I write BLUE MAIL in capital letters because it did all the above with no problem at all.

So my tip of the day is to give this android app a try, like me it may be just what you were looking for.