Audio Visual Equipment Photography SSE SWALEC Cardiff

I recently photographed and event in the SSE SWALES stadium in Cardiff.

Being a bit of a technology geek I could not help but have a peek at the equipment that Duke AV

With some lovely reflective light backlighting the equipment they were using, I couldn’t help myself, I had to take a photo.

I’ve added an image of the stage setup so you can see what they do.

chamsys magicq

SSE SWALEC stadium

Memory card replacement

From time to time I like to change my older memory cards to keep them in top condition.

Recieved these today ready for my shoot at Cardiff city stadium at the end of the week.

Top tip, even though I shoot with a backup card on the day I still like to use high quality cards to minimase the chance of getting a faulty or corrupted card.

Gordox RS600p update

Latest update on my new location lighting equipment.
Just had a quick play in the garden to see what the power output is like.
The light from the sun was reading on the light-meter of ISO 100, f8, 1/500sec
Set at full power I managed to overpower the sunlight very efficiently here are a couple of sample pics to show the difference between sunlight (left) and flash (right).

Godox flash test

Location flash test

New location lighting Godox RS600P

I’ve just taken delivery of a pair of Godox RS600P portable studio lights.
I Up until now I have always used speedlights on location. I have to be honest, even though they are highly portable, light to work with and take up no space while transporting I have always craved that bit more power that studio lighting gives you.

I decided to take the plunge and get myself some location strobes. Looking at reviews and getting personal recommendations I decided the RS600P’s were what I needed to go for.
I have only unwrapped the one and as yet I haven’t tried them out, but they look the business. Strong solid build, high quality meterials, well packaged in it’s own protective box.

Right now I have a power pack charging so hopefully before too long I’ll be able to do a review on them and get some sample shots up for you to see.

From the Godox Website, “The outdoor flash is now available for with a new flashhead in exquisite look and with LED modeling light. This new kit gives you one stop, professional, reliable, mobile and portable shooting experience. Suitable for professional photographers and shutterbugs in location shooting of wedding, advertising, events, etc.”

Main Features:
Built-in wireless power adjusting and flash triggering
Large-capacity 8000mAh lithium battery (LiFePO4)
Full battery provides 650 full power flashes for RS400P
Recycle to full power in 1.8 second for RS400P
User-replaceable battery module Power adjusts from 1/1 to 1/32 with auto power discharge
Stable color temperature at 5600±200k
LCD display on a concise and modern panel
Built-in fan to prevent overheating.