Corporate portraiture at our South Wales Studio

Another interesting corporate portrait has come our way.
Have you ever thought we would like corporate portraits done, furthermore we would like them in a work based setting.

OK, we will do this the same way as we normally would. Maybe take along portable studio lights and shoot on location
But maybe the location is not accessible in this way, what do we do now?

Since we always have photoshop on hand this is no longer a problem.
The portrait that you see was taken in our South Wales studio. It was then combined with a stock image. As a result, it give the impression of a location portrait.

portrait of business woman

The King on Canvas

Artist portrait

Today I was commissioned by a local artist to photograph her portrait for use on her website and media for an upcoming exhibition in Porthcawl.

Sarah Topham is an amazingly talented artist with an obvious love for Elvis. Personally I am not an Elvis fan, but Sarah’s creations really were worth seeing.
The exhibition is at Harris Printers 16-18 Mary St, Porthcawl CF36 3YA, and takes place over the Elvis Festival weekend. The open evening is on Thursday 22nd September.

For more information about Sarah’s work you can visit her website The King on Canvas

Corporate headshots at JW Morris Bridgend

A trip to Bridgend Industrial Estate today take me to the offices of JW Morris Engineering.

JW Morris are in the process of having a brand new website built and needed corporate headshots for the site.
I took my portable studio set up including strobes and backdrop to set up in the conference room.

The shoot went really smoothly, everyone was more than happy to pose to have their portraits taken.

Architecture & Interiors at Heathfields Residential Home

Received a lovely assignment from Heathfields Residential Home in Bridgend. they were planing to produce their first website and needed images to populate it.

The brief required a vast range of images including exterior shots of the building, interior of various rooms, photographs of food served at the home, detail shots and corporate portraits.

The home was lovely and very well kept which made the images very pleasing and worked very well on their finished website which can be found HERE

Taffy Spencer

Great fun shoot today with Taffy Spencer. Literally great fun as Taffy is a stand up comic, he was looking for something a little special from his pics. The extra spark you could say, so with a pair of jump leads and some help from Photoshop I came up with something a little out of the ordinary.

Editorial Portraits at Nolton Corner

I felt I needed a bit of an update on my editorial portrait portfolio. I asked the lovely Indigo, who I had worked with before if she fancied modelling for me and to my delight she agreed.

We arrange to meet at Nolton Corner in Bridgend, which turned out to be a perfect location for a photoshoot. Lots of interest, different seating and plenty of props to use.

I played with a few lighting styles with one and two light sources supplied by off camera speed-lights, varying from soft standard portraiture lighting to some high contrast “film noir” style lighting.

Both Indigo and myself were exceptionally pleased with the results.

Photographing the breakfast crew at Capital Radio

Yes I’m back at Capital Radio in Cardiff again, this is starting to feel like a second home.

Today I have been photographing Matt, Polly and Geraint dressed up in the Welsh rugby kit.

They were great “sports” I even got them to scrum down for some shots. Here is one with their game faces on CLICK