Harveys furniture photography goes live.

We have covered furniture photography on a number of occasions, but this was something a little bit different.
Our brief for Harveys was to capture the manufacturing process of a sofa emphasising that the product is handmade.

The location for the shoot was in a factory, so to ensure that backgrounds were kept as unobtrusive as possible I took along our battery powered studio lighting.
This allowed me to drop the light level of the background while retaining all the detail of the sofa and the person working on it.

The assignment covered various different workstations in different areas of the factory, each giving new challenges and requirements.
We covered everything from attaching the buttons to the material, stuffing cushions, pinning upholstery, fitting feet to the finished article.

Below is a screenshot of a selection of the images taken, they can be found Lisa Dawson’s website.

screenshot of sofa product photography