Back at Cardiff City Stadium

Being a photographer can be very hard work at times, yesterday saw me at an 8 hour shoot with barely a break all day. But at the same time it can be so much fun.

I was at Cardiff City Stadium photographing Wales & West conference. The most interesting conference I have shot to date. The theme was world travel with loads of people arriving in fancy dress and the venue staged to look like an airport.

The winners of the best group fancy dress went to this pilot and cabin crew, had to as for a sneaky photo together for my blog.

If you were wondering I don’t normally dress like that on assignments, I was asked if I’d like to come in fancy dress too so I came as a tourist, complete with two cameras.

Memory card replacement

From time to time I like to change my older memory cards to keep them in top condition.

Recieved these today ready for my shoot at Cardiff city stadium at the end of the week.

Top tip, even though I shoot with a backup card on the day I still like to use high quality cards to minimase the chance of getting a faulty or corrupted card.

New qualification

After a long time deliberating I applied for my Licentiate from the SICIP (Society of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers).

I’ve been considering it for quite some time wondering if it will add value and credibility to my business, I really didn’t think it would make much of a difference.
So why did I do it? Put simply I did it for myself. Being mainly self taught, I do have a couple of certificates from college and courses that I had attended, but nothing that really stood out as an achievement for my photography skills.

I looked at a few different photographic associations, RPS and MPA but I wanted to apply to something that was closely matched the field of photography in which I specialise.

So what is the Licentiate?
The SICIP look for images that show the applicant is in full control of the medium. The images should show correct camera technique, full control of the lighting and the final production of the finished image. Many images fail at the last hurdle because the final digital file or print quality is poor, showing banding from ink jet prints, blemishes that should have been retouched or poor presentation. Very often colour balance is wrong. We expect to see that the photographer is in control of the subjects portrayed and in the case of people, that they are posed in an attractive manner and good expressions obtained.

I chose my images for judging, sent them away and nervously awaited a reply.
Today I am very proud to receive confirmation and my certificate to say I have received my LSICIP qualification. Very much a personal achievement for myself.