Wedding Bouquet Commercial Photography

Today I have been working on a commercial assignment for “For Keeps”

For Keeps produce beautiful hand made bespoke items for weddings including bouquets, bridal hair pieces, jewellery and accessories.

From my point of view I needed a background the didn’t detract from the product, so I used a combination of wood floor effect and patterned white.
The gems had a lot of sparkle to that so I had ton ensure that when I photographed them that was accentuated and not lost though the studio lighting.

Here are a few examples from the For Keeps shoot.

DSC 1194

DSC 1060

DSC 1172

DSC 1034

DSC 1020

DSC 1024

Cardiff City Stadium

Paid a visit to the Blue Birds stadium today for a recce before I photograph a corporate event in Cardiff at the end of the month.

It’s the second time I have been pitch side for a shoot. I think they need to step up security in the stadium though, it looks like someone has stolen the pitch.

Very much looking forward to this one, all the staff at the event go in fancy dress. Sounds like a real fun day.

Gordox RS600p update

Latest update on my new location lighting equipment.
Just had a quick play in the garden to see what the power output is like.
The light from the sun was reading on the light-meter of ISO 100, f8, 1/500sec
Set at full power I managed to overpower the sunlight very efficiently here are a couple of sample pics to show the difference between sunlight (left) and flash (right).

Godox flash test

Location flash test

New location lighting Godox RS600P

I’ve just taken delivery of a pair of Godox RS600P portable studio lights.
I Up until now I have always used speedlights on location. I have to be honest, even though they are highly portable, light to work with and take up no space while transporting I have always craved that bit more power that studio lighting gives you.

I decided to take the plunge and get myself some location strobes. Looking at reviews and getting personal recommendations I decided the RS600P’s were what I needed to go for.
I have only unwrapped the one and as yet I haven’t tried them out, but they look the business. Strong solid build, high quality meterials, well packaged in it’s own protective box.

Right now I have a power pack charging so hopefully before too long I’ll be able to do a review on them and get some sample shots up for you to see.

From the Godox Website, “The outdoor flash is now available for with a new flashhead in exquisite look and with LED modeling light. This new kit gives you one stop, professional, reliable, mobile and portable shooting experience. Suitable for professional photographers and shutterbugs in location shooting of wedding, advertising, events, etc.”

Main Features:
Built-in wireless power adjusting and flash triggering
Large-capacity 8000mAh lithium battery (LiFePO4)
Full battery provides 650 full power flashes for RS400P
Recycle to full power in 1.8 second for RS400P
User-replaceable battery module Power adjusts from 1/1 to 1/32 with auto power discharge
Stable color temperature at 5600±200k
LCD display on a concise and modern panel
Built-in fan to prevent overheating.

Android app

Hi, bit of a strange blog post from me but after weeks of frustration I have a solution.

Bit of background info. Due to having quite a few different email addresses when the new IMAGE IQ website was launched I went about inputting the server details to my various devices, phone, tablet, laptop etc.
Things didn’t go smoothly, so much so I lost patients and started using webmail to access my emails, not ideal but it works.

So now to the point of my blog post. Not all email clients are made equal!

I was using the ones that came with my phone (HTC M8) and tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A). To say they the least they were inadequate, I just couldn’t get it to work, even after a discussion with my hosting company. So what did I do, I did a bit of a Google search to see if there was a different email client that might be easier to configure.

The first one I came across was BLUE MAIL, I expected to have to try a few different one before I found on that,
a) Worked
b) Was easy to use
c) Displayed info in a sensible way

I write BLUE MAIL in capital letters because it did all the above with no problem at all.

So my tip of the day is to give this android app a try, like me it may be just what you were looking for.

McArthur Glen commercial photography

Had a wander around McArthur Glen designer outlet (AKA The Pines). Great location for architectural and commercial photography.

When you walk around there shopping you barely notice all the interesting things that are around you, but take a camera and the mindset of capturing images it is a playground for a photographer.

Got some great photos of some of the shop fronts too Sketchers, Blue inc, Suits Direct, Jeff Banks, Phase Eight , Cotton traders, Frankie and Bennys, Gap outlet to name a few.

Features, reflections, textures and colours are everywhere. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (I prefer espresso) but I found it so interesting to photograph.

  • McArthurglen Bridgend
  • Frankie and bennies
  • costa coffee
  • mcarthur glen bridgend
  • DSC_1839
  • odeon cinema bridgend
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Bryngarw House Staged Wedding

It’s lovely to see one of my images in use on the website for Bryngarw House in Brynmenyn near Bridgend.

This was taken as part of a staged wedding shoot to supply images for Bryngarw House and also a local wedding dress boutique.

Got to give my mobile lighting kit a real good workout.

The venue really does compliment wedding photography, such a great location.

Here is a picture of the full image.

Wedding at Bryngarw House

Why Employ a Professional Product Photographer?

Why would you want to spend money on professional product photography? ??

Every day I see product images on the internet that have been photographed by the company or individual to “save money”. Photographs that have been taken with budget cameras or even mobile phones. Photographs that are badly lit with no though about the background or product placement.

Don’t get me wrong this is the exception and most product images are spot on. Yes you do “save money” initially but in the long run how much does it really cost?

By this I mean how much income are you loosing because your product does not look as good and a competitors? Your product may even be superior, but people in today’s society buy with their eyes, so if it doesn’t look good you are likely to loose sales.

The image on this post is taking things to extremes (surely nobody would advertise Champagne with an image like that?), but I think it illustrates the point perfectly.

The image on the left was a quick snapshot I took with a compact camera with not thought to lighting, background or product placement.

The image on the right is a great example of how the same product can look so different when you use some thought and a lot of know-how.

So, why does it look so different? Some things are obvious,  for example the one on the right has a better background, foreground and it is straight.

Something that might be so obvious straight away is the fact the bottles look slightly different shapes. This is down to the choice of lens and focal length. The image on the left was shot with a lens that is far too wide for the job which has distorted the shape of the bottle.

Lighting plays a major part of the difference. My studio lights were placed in such a way as to excentuate the curve of the bottle.

The actual colour of the label and foil. When I am shooting most commercial work I will yous a grey card which allows me to accurately reproduce the colours.

Lastly a bit of photoshop magic, the image on the right is two shots blended together. When I shot this image I wasn’t 100% happy with the way the label looked, so I took a second shot with different lighting and merged the shots together in photoshop.


Yes product photography can be vastly more expensive than buying a camera and doing it yourself, but ultimately you are likely to make back any money you spend on a professional photo with increased sales.