Photographing Cocktails and Drinks at Nolton Corner

I got a call from the owner of Nolton Corner in Bridgend to ask if I was interested in photographing the images for the new drinks menu.

Of course I jumped at the chance, Nolton Corner made the ideal backdrop for photographing the beverages. Filled with design features, exposed brick walls, great looking flooring, beer barrels and much more it was a pleasure to work there.

You can take a look at the finished product as a PDF of the drinks menu here DRINKS MENU

Architecture & Interiors at Heathfields Residential Home

Received a lovely assignment from Heathfields Residential Home in Bridgend. they were planing to produce their first website and needed images to populate it.

The brief required a vast range of images including exterior shots of the building, interior of various rooms, photographs of food served at the home, detail shots and corporate portraits.

The home was lovely and very well kept which made the images very pleasing and worked very well on their finished website which can be found HERE