Taffy Spencer

Great fun shoot today with Taffy Spencer. Literally great fun as Taffy is a stand up comic, he was looking for something a little special from his pics. The extra spark you could say, so with a pair of jump leads and some help from Photoshop I came up with something a little out of the ordinary.

Editorial Portraits at Nolton Corner

I felt I needed a bit of an update on my editorial portrait portfolio. I asked the lovely Indigo, who I had worked with before if she fancied modelling for me and to my delight she agreed.

We arrange to meet at Nolton Corner in Bridgend, which turned out to be a perfect location for a photoshoot. Lots of interest, different seating and plenty of props to use.

I played with a few lighting styles with one and two light sources supplied by off camera speed-lights, varying from soft standard portraiture lighting to some high contrast “film noir” style lighting.

Both Indigo and myself were exceptionally pleased with the results.