Promotional photography at The Zone Bridgend

I had the pleasure of photographing some of the volunteers at The Zone in Dunraven Place, Bridgend.
It was such fun as they were so full of energy and did a fantastic job posing with the things they had made for the window display.
The Zone, situated within the heart of Bridgend centre, a community centre established to support all members of the borough. Open daily, our friendly Zone staffers and volunteers will be available to supply recommendation and guidance on a large selection of topics in the comfort of a casual lounge setting.

As well as providing a recommendation on topics including; parenting (toddlers through to teenagers), cash management, nutrition & healthy feeding, health & well being plenty more besides, The Zone also can assist you to develop your CV and assist in job application. If that wasn’t enough, The Zone additionally offers free coaching courses at the centre, and that we also can sign post you to different agencies and youth services.

Interior Photography at St Andrews School Newport

At the end of Summer 2017, St Andrews Primary School in Newport had their reception area redesigned by Newport Norse

We were contacted with regards to photographing the finished area which is very impressive.
Using red accent colours, programmable LED’s and a St Andrews sign, that can only be described as a sculpture.
This certainly sets a new standard for school reception areas.

St Andrews Reception

Door detail

Harveys furniture photography goes live.

We have covered furniture photography on a number of occasions, but this was something a little bit different.
Our brief for Harveys was to capture the manufacturing process of a sofa emphasising that the product is handmade.

The location for the shoot was in a factory, so to ensure that backgrounds were kept as unobtrusive as possible I took along our battery powered studio lighting.
This allowed me to drop the light level of the background while retaining all the detail of the sofa and the person working on it.

The assignment covered various different workstations in different areas of the factory, each giving new challenges and requirements.
We covered everything from attaching the buttons to the material, stuffing cushions, pinning upholstery, fitting feet to the finished article.

Below is a screenshot of a selection of the images taken, they can be found Lisa Dawson’s website.

screenshot of sofa product photography

Commercial product photography self driving car

We were approached by a company called Omga with a very interesting project. Photographing self-driving vehicles.

They have created the world’s first fully online learning self-driving mini-car!
Using a stock RC car model, we equipped it with a Raspberry Pi 3 along with an Arduino to control the servos/speed controller. They used the latest iteration of other online learning software, EOgmaNeo, to provide the brains of the car.

A fascinating concept indeed.

Here is a video of the car in action!

There was a real challenge in lighting the biggest car, with its translucent body shell on a white background and still retain detail. 

It was a great product to work with creating consistent interesting shots for our client.

remote controlled buggy

circuit board

Corporate portraiture at our South Wales Studio

Another interesting corporate portrait has come our way.
Have you ever thought we would like corporate portraits done, furthermore we would like them in a work based setting.

OK, we will do this the same way as we normally would. Maybe take along portable studio lights and shoot on location
But maybe the location is not accessible in this way, what do we do now?

Since we always have photoshop on hand this is no longer a problem.
The portrait that you see was taken in our South Wales studio. It was then combined with a stock image. As a result, it give the impression of a location portrait.

portrait of business woman

Product photography for Sleeps Easy

A little while ago we were given an assignment for photographing some products for Sleeps Easy.

Sleeps Easy primarily supply products to be used by people with autism.
The products that we photographed at our Bridgend studio were weighted blankets and privacy bed tents.

Thier website has just gone live if you would like to check them out get along to

Commercial photography at Copperfish Mumbles, Swansea

We were recently contacted to photograph a new restaurant on Mumbles Pier in Swansea.
The commercial photography commission was to take images of the interior and exterior of the building.

Initially walking into the restaurant, I noticed a combination of a very on-trend styling with a very nautical feel.
The presentation of the restaurant was perfect for photographing, with so many little touches, details and wall art.
It kept me busy for quite some time to capture it all and portray the nature of the building.

The restaurant is where the old Toby used to be (if you have been there before, you are in for a surprise), they offer a menu of traditional Fish and Chips as well as some delicious extras including burger and pies. The bar offers a selection of local beers and ciders as well as cocktail specials and carefully selected wines.
In addition to the restaurant, there is a traditional Fish and Chip Takeaway open daily.

serving buckets

bar area

seating area mumbles pier

beer pumps swansea bar

Interior photos at GTD sports therapy Bridgend

Recently we were contacted by Gareth at GTD Sports Therapy, who was launching a brand new website.

The brief was to photograph The Therapy Centre on Bridgend Industrial estate to be used on the forthcoming website.
We worked with Gareth to get the shots he required of key areas of the building, creating almost a full walk through from front door, to reception to therapy rooms.

Interior of GTD

front door the therapy centre

Interior photography at Off Edge Cardiff, South Wales

We were given an assignment by Polyflor Ltd. to photograph a very funky new office building. It used to be the British Legion building in Penarth in Cardiff.

The office I was photographing had some very interesting design features including snooker tables as desks mixed with an industrial look.

office stairs

industrial lights

Score board

up and down sign